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GM Jaan Ehlvest

Former 4th in the world

Jaan Ehlvest is a 57-year old Estonian-American grandmaster, who was world number four in the late 1980's. His prime rating was 2660 and he was competing with legends such as Garry Kasparov and Anatoly Karpov. He has been a coach since 1995 when he was second and coach to Anatoly Karpov in his World Championship Match.



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  • Weekly seminar with Jaan Ehlvest will take place every Wednesday at 3.30 till 6.45pm EST time starting on 15th of July.

Saturday’s topics are ‘’How to improve your calculations in complicated positions and how
to understand and improve openings preparation’’.

Sunday’s topics are ‘’Strategy: How to find a plan. Isolated pawn and it’s


$ 99
  • 15th of July, We 3.30 – 6.45 pm EST
  • Sozin attack was used by legendary Bobby Fischer among other attacking players. Jaan is going to explain in depth the attacking and the defensive plans. Move order tricks and other not very well known hidden lines. Revealing the critical positions and show the most amazing games ever played out in Sozin attack. The participants are getting also the pgn file about the Sozin attack.